eBay Store & eBay Listing Combo

What is this eBay Store & eBay Listing Design Combo?

eBay Store & eBay Listing Combo go hands in hands. A listing template is used to list products to eBay. It also determines how products that are assigned to it are listed to eBay. For example a listing template determines a products listing duration (GTC, 30 days, 10 days etc) and its selling format (fixed price or auction). You can assign an unlimited number of products to a listing template.

What is eBay Store & eBay Listing Combo important?

It is the recommended best practice way to list items to eBay. When you are integrating eBay store, the system will auto generate listing templates for you based on listing best practice and your business type. These template will have some basic information like: Format – Fixed Price, Duration – Good Till Cancelled, Shipping – Flat Rate or Free Shipping + an Express Shipping Option, Handling Time – Same day or 1 business day, Category mapping turned on (maps your categories to eBay categories automatically), Payments – PayPal, Returns – Returns accepted etc.

What Can You Customize in eBay Store & eBay Listing Combo important?

You can customize the following information in eBay Store & eBay Listing Combo important: eBay store / site you are selling through, Listing Format, Neto supports listing an item as both an auction and fixed price item at the same time, Default eBay and Store categories, Default listing template design, Item Specifics, Stock / Inventory Management Rules, Listing Schedule, Re-List Rules, Field Mapping, Shipping Costs / Rules, Payment Options, Returns Policy and Terms and Conditions.

What We Can Do for You…

We provide you eBay Store Page and Listing Template with complete source code. We do the installation of store design codes in your eBay account. We can also provide you with free installation guide for eBay Store & Listing Template.

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